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Our lifestyle today means that for the first time ever, our children could have a lower life expectancy than us. Their physical and mental wellbeing is directly related to the amount of time they spend outside.


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For more than 225 years, Ordnance Survey has helped people to explore Great Britain. Today, more than ever, we are focussed on helping more people to get outside more often so that they live longer, stay younger and enjoy life more.

We do exactly that through a range of outdoor products and services that help make outdoor activity more enjoyable, accessible and safe. But getting outside can be hard.

We’ve all heard the shocking reports in the media. We have some of the worst levels of obesity in Europe, type 2 diabetes is at epidemic levels and mental health illness amongst children is rising. A child born today may even have a lower life expectancy than their parents.

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Statistics like these led us to founding the GetOutside initiative. A source of inspiration for the whole nation, encouraging everyone to explore what’s on their doorstep and be more active outdoors.

We smile more when we’re outside. It’s where we create memories, spend time with family and friends and improve our physical and mental wellbeing. The benefits are endless.

So, change your physical and mental health today.

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